Turnaround & Recovery

Turnaround Strategies and Resources for Troubled Investments

Not All Direct Investments Go According to Plan

Recovery and stabilization require thoughtful planning. Following our direct investment program framework, we approach all turnaround and recovery clients with a big-picture mindset. We help you discover the root of the problem, implement valuable solutions, and carry out the plan from start to finish.


Are you afraid your investments might require more capital to survive?


Are operating results disappointing or in decline?


Are you worried about breaking covenants, declining working capital, or bad behavior from company or fund management?

No one’s investment plan is ever perfect. What makes the difference between failure and recovery is often swift, measured action. A poorly managed or failing investment doesn’t have to be the downfall of your entire portfolio. With our crisis management and turnaround and restructuring services, you may be able to increase the potential of a successful turnaround and the amount of recovery achieved.

Inaction Rarely Solves Troubled Situations

Whether you need restructuring expertise to stabilize an existing asset, investigation or replacement of management, execution of a recovery plan, or a mix of multiple turnaround strategies, we have the experience to guide you through the process as discreetly as possible to minimize disruptions.

Turnaround & Recovery Services

Maximize the probability of recovery with our valuable turnaround strategies.

  • Individual Asset Optimization
  • Investor Aggregation & Advocacy
  • Interim & Replacement Management
  • Distress & Turnaround Management
  • Forensic Investigation & Recoveries
  • Legal Action Management


Meet with an expert about your problem investment.


We help you devise and execute a thoughtful recovery plan.


Gain clarity and resolve your most pressing issues.