Program Road Map

The V3Limited 5-Part Direct Investment Program Framework

The V3Limited 5-Part Direct Investment Program Framework

Identify Improvement Opportunities and Implement Best Practices

Building a successful Direct Investment Program for your family requires more than a diversified portfolio of investments. Our holistic 5-part framework helps you take your program to where you want it to go.

Align Strategy with
Values & Purpose

While a well-rounded portfolio may be performing in the short term, sustaining success through good and bad economic cycles requires a strong foundation. If you are hoping to build generational wealth and find fulfilling engagement with family and your community through your direct investment program, you must go beyond the portfolio.

With a Direct Investment Program Road Map, you can…


Clarify your purpose with a deep dive into your values & goals.


Understand how your family dynamic influences your direct investing strategy.


Capitalize on your strengths and mitigate weaknesses.


Empower family members with relevant roles and responsibilities.


Ensure sustained performance and be prepared for the unexpected.

The V3 Road Map

Strategic Findings & Recommendations

Our Program Road Map service helps you achieve sustained success with best practice strategies and processes. In-depth interviews, thought-provoking discussions, detailed portfolio analysis, and more provide the information we need to build an overarching Road Map Report of your current program. From there, we offer experience and research backed solutions to bring your program in alignment with where you want it to be.

Your Road Map Report Will…

  • Confirm your goals for our work together.
  • Clarify your preliminary program-level vision.
  • Review program-level gaps and opportunities across 20 best practice areas.
  • Prioritize recommendations to advance key initiatives.
  • Deliver portfolio and asset-level insights.
  • Catalog a store of ideas for future evaluation.


During a 30 to 45-day period, we conduct a simple set of interviews and analyze applicable direct investments in your current portfolio.


You receive a customized program level Road Map Report with objective findings, analysis and recommendations covering 20 best practice areas.


After reviewing the Road Map Report together, you can implement the recommendations yourself, or we can support you in all or any part of strengthening your program.