Due Diligence

Uncover the Upside & Downside Before You Invest and Throughout Your Ownership

The Information You Need To Make The Right Decisions


Dig deeper to find the facts and truths that matter. Ask the right questions to catch red flags and identify opportunities for greater value creation.


Ensure alignment with direct investment management and stakeholders. Measure investments against clearly defined goals with in-depth management interviews that keep your portfolio relevant.

Risk Analysis

Understand all the risks before making any major decision. Mitigate exposures with objective data-rich research to understand all angles of new and existing direct investments.

Who’s Looking Out For You?

Evaluating and monitoring potential and current direct investments can be expensive, difficult, and require quick turnarounds.

We help you identify risk factors and value creation opportunities prior to initial investment and throughout the duration of your ownership.

  • Preserve capital by choosing the right direct investment opportunities for your family
  • Cultivate deal sources by saying yes or no—the right way
  • Perform thorough risk analysis on potential investment opportunities
  • Plan and execute value creation strategies for new and existing direct investments
  • Ensure each addition to your portfolio fits the needs of your overall investment program

Proven Frameworks

Efficient. Effective. Scalable.

We provide clients with the resources and support to run a disciplined and thorough due diligence process. From initial interviews and data rooms to on-site investigation, background, and third-party research, we examine every issue of concern from top to bottom.

  • Written policies and procedures
  • Data room review and analysis
  • Third-party industry validation
  • On-site meetings
  • Management interviews
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Product & market gap analysis
  • Due diligence questionnaires, checklists, scorecards

Objective Expertise

Analysis. Perspective. Support.

Our long-standing experience as principal investors and operating executives influences everything we do. With a program mindset, we are able to help our clients make decisions that factor in financial and family-level goals presently and in the long-run.

Strengthen Your Value Creation Process with:

  • Risk assessments and recommendations
  • Integrated financial projection modeling
  • Deal structure planning and negotiation
  • Pre-close 100-day post-close action plan
  • Monitoring and resources for action plan execution


Schedule a strategic discussion with a due diligence expert.


Adopt due diligence direct investment best practices.


Evaluate new and existing investments more easily.