Analytics & Reporting

The Information You Need To Make Thoughtful Decisions

See The
Full Picture

Keep Family Informed

Harness a simple dashboard and custom reports to share results and facilitate discussions with your family.

Manage Cash Flow

Forecast cash inflows and outflows for more precise planning and budgeting.

Uncover Risks

Easily track performance, concentrations and strategy drift.

Support Decision Making

Get objective information to support resource and capital allocation decisions.

The V3 Optimized Direct Investment Reporting Process

1. Aggregate

2. Benchmark

3. Forecast

4. Share

Making a direct investment is just the beginning—monitoring through to exit plays a critical role in the overall health and ultimate success of your direct investment program. We develop customized cost-effective reports and analyses for our clients using the latest direct investment analytical tools, technology and resources. With automated reports and easy-to-use dashboards, you’ll be up-to-date on all of your direct investment initiatives.


Our aggregation tools unify financial detail across your portfolio for a clear dashboard of all your direct investments. We streamline this process for you, so you have easy access to all the data you need to stay informed and on top of complex investments.

See Your Direct Investment Portfolio Clearly In One Place

  • Bring all operating companies, real estate and specialty private investments into one report
  • See up-to-date performance reporting and values for every position
  • Reduce costs and errors with streamlined upload and periodic transaction reconciliation
  • Access critical direct investment documents from your own centralized secure digital storage vault
  • Reduce the time and stress of manually uploading and tracking private investment data


Designed by private equity investors for private equity investors, know where you stand with our informative V3 benchmarking tools. Our V3 Benchmark Analysis provides insight into the current state of your portfolio and allows you to plan for the future.

Know If Each Investment is Ahead or Behind Plan

  • Compare investments against peers
  • Hold management accountable by tracking planned versus actual results
  • Stay ahead of the curve and take action to stave off problems
  • Identify underperforming investments early-on
  • Weigh performance and risk for informed future investment allocation decisions


Data-rich analysis helps us predict the trend of your direct investments and their cash flows. You can leverage this knowledge for informative planning, objective insight, and more accurate cash budgeting.

Gain Clarity About Values and Cash Flows

  • Prepare more precise cash budgets
  • Focus current resources and plan future allocations
  • Identify risks if expected distributions falter
  • Plan for small and large cash outlays
  • Get objective clarity on the health of your portfolio


Stay informed on the things that are most important to you. Our customizable performance reporting dashboard presents the information most relevant to you and your family’s needs.

Consistently Deliver Custom Reports to Family and Stakeholders

  • Stay updated on all of your direct investments, in one easy-to-use space
  • Set your dashboard to track key performance indicators readily available to you
  • Deliver custom reports that are easy to understand for any user
  • Share reports across mediums (online, mobile or paper)
  • Communicate more effectively with easy-to-access data


Discuss your analytics & reporting strategy with an expert.


Adopt direct investment reporting best practices.


Keep your family updated and your program on track.