Private Clients

Grow and Protect Wealth

Seamless Coordination

V3 coordinates the manual and complex workflow inherent with private investments with your financial planning professionals (liquid investments, tax, legal, trust & estate) so you don’t have to.

Reduce Risk

V3 due diligence and management services proactively diagnoses underperforming investments and can then aggregate other investors as one so that you have a larger standing to influence better outcomes.

Peace of Mind

V3 provides independent current and projected private investment values and cash flows so that you can plan ahead and focus on things most important to you.

Challenges We Typically Address for
Private Clients

Improve Performance

  • A general partner contacted me to change material terms in our agreement, what do I do?
  • What is the right target allocation for self-directed/legacy private investments?
  • I have two big real estate projects coming up, how can I be sure I’ll have enough cash on hand to fund the costs?
  • This investment keeps missing its targets, what can I do?

Improve Transparency

  • The management costs appear to keep going up, is that appropriate and still aligned with my goals?
  • Am I seeing the red flags of an under-performing investment?
  • How can I receive timely information that integrates into my overall wealth management process?
  • The general partner just stated that no more capital will be needed, is that true?

Smooth Transitions

  • I just received a large pool of private investments, how do I know what I have or what I should do?
  • What’s the trust and estate strategy for private investments?
  • Am I properly projecting the exit year and value as I structure my tax position?
  • How do I best share the intricacies and relationships of my private investment program with my family?