Family Offices

Sustain Results Across Generations

Save Time and Ensure Reliability

V3’s reporting platform provides full data and statement gathering, data entry, and centralized storage to ensure you have up-to-date information and can focus your resources on strategic and value-added activities.

Avoid Losses

V3’s up-front and on-going due diligence and benchmarking process identifies underperforming investments earlier and is your front line to manage through challenges.

Increase Clarity

V3 provides fully independent and vetted private portfolio value and cash flows so that you can better plan for your families needs, and consistently communicate and engage with your family members.

Challenges We Typically Address for
Single Family Offices

Improve Performance

  • Is there a better governance process to oversee and support management execute strategies in our direct investments?
  • How is management held accountable and are investors and stakeholders holding up their end of the bargain?
  • Is there misalignment or drift in investment strategy, compensation, management expertise and family objectives?
  • What are key triggers to identify an under-performing investment?
  • How do I discretely address solving a highly distressed investment?

Improve Transparency

  • What level of transparency is market standard between an investor and management for a direct investment?
  • Am I seeing the “all-in” fees I am paying and are they aligned with my goals?
  • Is there a process in place to address inherent conflicts of interest that arise over time?
  • What is the best way to structure my private investment program within my family office structure?
  • How can I better estimate the expected cash flows and liquidity from my private investment portfolio during the next several years so that I can better plan for my family’s cash flow and liquidity needs?
  • How can I receive timely information so I can communicate more effectively to family members?

Smooth Transitions

  • I just inherited a portfolio of private investments that I was not involved in and I am not sure how to identify risk and predict results?
  • How do I fairly divide and who should manage assets going forward (death, divorce or other conflicts)?
  • How can we engage our next generation and our larger community through our private investments in a thoughtful way?
  • Who will succeed me to source and manage my private investment program?