About V3Limited

Serving Family Offices & Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

We help family offices and individuals build successful direct investment programs across generations

V3Limited is an independent consulting firm serving family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals with significant direct investments in operating companies, real estate as well as private investments in venture capital, private equity, debt and special situation strategies. Our direct investment program Road Map, due diligence, analytics and reporting, and turnaround and recovery services empower clients with actionable resources and insights to strengthen decision-making and to drive better outcomes.

Strengthen Your Direct Investing Program

Reduce Financial Exposure. Avoid Alienating Family.

When families own direct investments in operating companies, real estate and specialty private investments that don’t perform as expected, their financial capital and family unity are put at undue risk. At V3Limited, we understand the risks, challenges, and complexities inherent when investing in the private markets. Our goal is to help families both mitigate financial and family relationship-based exposures and improve outcomes as they grow their direct investing program.

Our 5-Part Framework helps families strengthen the foundation of their direct investing program with an integrated focus on purpose, people, process, portfolio and performance. This holistic approach provides longevity for both positive family relations and potential investment out-performance.


V3Limited is led by co-founders Todd Kellerman and Tim Wray.

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Todd Kellerman

Co-Founder, Principal

Tim Wray

Co-Founder, Principal


Our name represents how we help our clients achieve results with our guiding principles of Value, Virtue and Vigilance.


We collaborate with you to understand what you value most—your time, your relationships, your investment returns, your causes, your reputation, your privacy, your responsibilities, and more.


We are not judgmental and have a deep sense of responsibility and care as we work with you to achieve results.


We are relentless in advocating for you. We strive to preempt challenges, anticipate issues, and help you problem-solve and make thoughtful decisions.

Core Values

Return on Investment

We don’t just deliver reports — we help our clients drive profits. We offer customized solutions to truly answer the needs of our clients.


Our commitment to the truth drives our transparency and objectivity. We are honest with clients when it comes to tough decisions.


We have devoted our careers to hands-on direct investing, and our offerings are backed by thousands of hours of “shop floor-to-board room” experience and execution. We constantly invest in our team, knowledge, resources, and tools to support our clients’ needs.


We stick by our client’s side in the economic ups and downs of direct investing. As your unwavering advocate, we never give up. Clients can count on us for sustained guidance throughout the good and bad.


We take our clients’ side unequivocally. We protect clients’ rights and put their interests ahead of our own.


We uncomplicate the complex and opaque challenges that our clients encounter every day. We make complicated and disparate information easier to digest.