V3 Limited

Private Investment Services

V3Limited is an independent consulting firm serving ultra-high net worth families, foundations, fiduciaries and wealth advisors with significant private direct and fund portfolios across all illiquid strategies. Our reporting, diligence, and management services empower clients with actionable insights to strengthen decision-making so they can drive and realize better outcomes.

The V3Limited name expresses our intention to control risks, address challenges and manage complexities inherent when investing in the private markets.  We help you achieve results with our guiding principles focused on values, virtue and vigilance in the work we do for you.


We value collaborating with you to understand what you value – your time, your relationships, your investment returns, your causes, your reputation, your privacy, your responsibilities, and more.


We are not judgmental and have a deep sense of responsibility and care as we work with you to achieve results.


We are relentless in advocating for you.  We strive to preempt challenges, anticipate issues, and help you problem-solve and make thoughtful decisions.