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We Help Family Offices and Individuals Build Successful Direct Investment Programs Across Generations

Family Offices & Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

Direct investing is difficult. It should not feel confusing or dangerous. With the right approach, direct investing can be rewarding.

Direct investing is difficult. It should not feel confusing or dangerous.

V3 Limited is an independent consulting firm that helps family offices and ultra-high net worth investors safely navigate the complexities and risks of direct investing. With an emphasis on thoughtful bigger picture strategic decisions and expert management of the finer details, we help our clients find a rewarding path to direct investing.

Whether you want to enhance your Direct Investment Program or start a new one, our experts serve as an extension of your team across the direct investing lifecycle.


Create shared experiences with your family and community.


Position your wealth for potential growth for generations to come.


Free up your time to do what you enjoy most.

Harness Our 5-Part Framework

Are your financial and family expectations being missed?

With a Direct Investment Program Road Map, you can…

  • Clarify your program’s purpose, goals and strategic plan
  • Incorporate your core values to provide stability across generations
  • Build a successful investment program that is more than just a portfolio
  • Apply direct investing best practices and secure the right resources
  • Create shared experiences that build unity with family and community

Developing a high-performing program requires cohesion among purpose, people, processes and portfolio. Deep expertise and years of experience in direct investing have shown us that integrating these foundational elements are essential to building a successful Direct Investment Program. At V3 Limited, we lead our clients through a holistic framework that connects the dots between where their program is and where they want it to go.

Create Your Ideal Portfolio

Are you wasting time and money investing in the wrong opportunities?

With Due Diligence services, you can…

  • Know when to say “Yes” and the right way to say “No”
  • Access the best-fit investments for your family
  • Structure deals to protect your interests
  • Determine a fair price and avoid potentially overpaying
  • Minimize the time, costs and stress associated with evaluating investment deals

New direct investments are the lifeblood of your program. A disciplined strategy and due diligence process are the key filters that separate bad decisions from good. We use proven frameworks and investigative strategies to ensure the choices our clients make are backed by objective data and analysis. Our holistic approach enables you to make informed decisions at each step, so you can continue building a successful Direct Investment Program.

See the Full Picture

Does it feel impossible to get accurate information?

With Analytics & Reporting services, you can…

  • Gain a clearer picture of your entire portfolio
  • Aggregate disparate data and documents more efficiently
  • Measure results against relevant benchmarks
  • Identify and mitigate investment risks more easily
  • Forecast cash flows for more informed planning

Consistent oversight is essential to the health of your program. At V3 Limited, we use analytics and the latest reporting technology to provide a comprehensive view of our clients’ Direct Investment Programs. This data-rich dashboard format helps uncover risks, support decision making, and keep investments on track.

Safeguard Value

Do you own an underperforming illiquid investment?

With Turnaround & Recovery services, you can…

  • Act to recover at-risk capital invested in troubled companies or funds
  • Get objective answers to your most pressing questions
  • Put a strategy in place to potentially avoid putting good money after bad
  • Provide clarity to family members with insightful and timely progress updates
  • Stabilize troubled investments to potentially protect and recover your capital

Direct investments that require restructuring and recovery are often met with uncertainty. But delaying or not taking action is most often detrimental to a successful outcome. Our expert team can help you take the right steps to minimize risks and losses as we guide you through a detailed turnaround process.

Strengthen Your Direct Investment Program

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